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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית

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Arabs and Jews Come Together for a True Mimuna Celebration

‏יום שני ‏28 ‏אפריל ‏2014

The origin of the Mimuna festival of Morocco’s Jews comes from the excellent relationships that existed between Arabs and Jews when they lived side-by-side in Morocco. These two communities routinely hosted each other in their homes throughout the year.

However, since the Jews needed to be careful to only eat in places properly prepared for Pesach, and because of the fear of bringing chametz to their homes, they would withdraw into their homes and could not invite their friends and neighbors to stay or visit during the holiday. But on the seventh day of Pesach, after the close of the holiday, the Jews were able to open their homes once again. That was when their Arab neighbors came, and were the first bring flour into their homes, and together they made delicious Mufleta, cookies and pastries, and celebrated the holiday of Mimuna together.

This year, the Israel Center Religious Action (IRAC) initiated and financed two celebrations, one at the Train Station Pedestrian Mall compound in Jerusalem and the other on the roof of Mishkenot Ruth in Jaffa, symbolically opening the homes of the Jews to their Arab good neighbors, in the spirit of tolerance and coexistence.

We thank the more than a thousand people that came to our Mimuna festivals in Jerusalem and Jaffa. We were pleased to see so many people from the various communities celebrate together with true warmth and friendship, and proud to see how everyone took this opportunity to come together with such harmony and unity, and forgetting all thoughts of separation and exclusion. The dancing, singing, joy and good food melted all of our hearts. We hope to see you with us next year!

You can see more pictures on IRAC's Facebook page.


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