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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית

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Letter of Solidarity to our Friends and Partners in St. Louis & Philadelphia

‏יום שלישי ‏21 ‏פברואר ‏2017

Solidarity with St. Louis

Dear Friends and Partners in St. Louis,

Upon learning of the vandalism at Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetary, we want to express our heartfelt solidarity with you. In Israel, we too are concerned and appalled by the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the United States and it is important you know that the Israel Reform Movement stands with you.

We are inherently grateful for the partnership between the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and our Megido Congregation, as well as the partnerships strengthened by our DOMIM-aLike: Israel-Diaspora Relations Project and the “Yachdav” School-to-School twinning programs. During these challenging times, it is our solidarity as Jews that overcomes hatred, bigotry and racism, and there is no doubt that it is this strong bond that will shine as a bright light over times and places of darkness. Know that we will do everything possible to deepen these connections and strengthen our bonds.

As you know, in the very name of the Cemetery are two core Jewish values, Chesed, loving kindness and Emeth, truth. During times like these it is important to remember these values and hold them close to our hearts. Together, we will continue fighting this recent surge of anti-Semitism with both Chesed and Emeth.

Warmest Regards,



Rabbi Gilad Kariv                                   Rabbi Michal Ken-Tor
               IMPJ President and CEO               Rabbi Megido Regional Congregation

Letter from the fifth grade students of the Plagim School in Megido Regional Council, the twin city of St. Louis, to the Jewish Community of St. Louis

Solidarity with Philadelphia



Dear friends and partners in the Greater Philadelphia Area,


On behalf of the Israel Reform Movement, I wish to express our heartfelt solidarity with you and your communities and congregations. We were profoundly saddened to hear of the desecration of tombstones at the Mt. Carmel Cemetery and are highly concerned by the increasing frequency of anti-Semitic attacks on our sisters and brothers in the US.


Today we welcome the month of Adar, the month that symbolizes joy and happiness. As our sages teach us, Mishe Nichas Adar, Marbin Bsimcha.  May this month allow us to rise above the hate with joy and happiness.


In these times of increasing intolerance, it is our unity as Jews that allow us to focus on the Simcha and on so much of the positive. Please know that we stand with you during these times as we know you have stood with us and deeply value your partnership and friendship.



Rabbi Gilad Kariv

IMPJ President and CEO