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Update from Rabbi Gilad Kariv on August 31st Supreme Court Deliberations

‏יום חמישי ‏31 ‏אוגוסט ‏2017

Dear friends,

As I am sure many of you have already heard, this morning’s Supreme Court deliberations did not result in any concrete decision. However, the Supreme Court Justices sent a very clear message to the government, strongly advising them to unfreeze the resolution. As Chief Justice Miriam Naor said, “something frozen can also be melted.”
The deliberations this morning lasted for over two hours, during which the Government representatives tried to convince the court that their commitment to building an egalitarian platform was met. The Justices did not accept this argument.
We were prepared for the fact that a final decision would not be made this morning.  In any case, we intend to continue our highly intense campaign over the next couple of months. The Supreme Court Justices clearly indicated today that if the government still refuses to implement the resolution, the court will eventually intervene. We have strong reason to believe that this intervention will be in our favor and force the government to do as they agreed upon over a year and a half ago.
There is no doubt that this is a long and daunting process, but we continue believing that in the end, we will reach the “promised land.” For a more detailed update on today's proceedings, click here.
Thank you for your support during this time.

Shabbat Shalom,

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Rabbi Gilad Kariv
President and CEO