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Shannah Tova from the IMPJ

‏יום שני ‏25 ‏ספטמבר ‏2017

Shannah Tova from the IMPJ!                                               View this email in your browser



In honor of the New Year we have a new look and new content! Our monthly newsletter will now include "DOMIM's Corner"- monthly updates, text studies and more. We have also added "Meet and Israeli Rabbi"- get to know the clergy who are building Reform Judaism in Israel. 
Shannah Tova - The IMPJ Team




Dear Friends,

Tomorrow we will all be sitting in our homes and in our congregations with our families and friends to bring in Rosh HaShannah. As we enter the New Year of 5778, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of our accomplishments and challenges over the past year.

We are proud of the fact that more and more Israelis are renewing their Jewish identity and connection at our congregations across the country. This year, three new congregations were established in Hedera, Hertzliya Pituach and Bat Yam, joining over 45 congregations, from the upper Galillee to the southern Arava. After a year of reevaluation and organization, we will once again have a pre-army 'Shnat Sherut' (year of service) with ten Noar Telem graduates, operating in Haifa. Committed to social justice and Tikkun Olam, Keren b’Kavod continues to serve thousands of Israelis each year through humanitarian assistance and empowerment programs, and our disability inclusion program is making great headway in ensuring that our congregations and programs are fully accessible. On the public front, we are continuing to push forward to ensure that Israel is the home for all Jews, by fighting for the Kotel Resolution’s implementation, preventing an ultra-Orthodox Conversion Bill from becoming law and more. 

We are not the only ones who have noticed our continued growth. The increasing backlash from sects within the ultra-Orthodox community is proof of the fact that we can no longer be ignored. The recent Supreme Court deliberations on the Kotel Resolution sent a clear signal to the government – Reform Judaism is no longer on the sidelines, we are on the playing field.

All of this and more could not be accomplished without the commitment of our lay leadership, staff and partners here in Israel and around the world. Time and time again we are reminded of your strong commitment, as you share with us a vision of a more just, democratic and pluralistic Israel, and for this we thank you.

On behalf of the entire IMPJ I want to wish you and your family a Shannah Tovah u' Metukah. May this year be filled with happiness, peace and prosperity for you and for all Am Yisrael.


Rabbi Gilad Kariv 


Public Affairs Update



Following the Supreme Court deliberations two weeks ago, we are now awaiting the Israeli Government's response to the Supreme Court's urge to unfreeze the Kotel Agreement. Additionally, in an unprecedented step, the Supreme Court ruled, on a case that was led by IRAC, the advocacy and public affairs arm of the IMPJ, that from now on food venues will legally be allowed to state that they are Kosher, without having to obtain an official certificate from the chief rabbinate.The IMPJ is also continuing its struggle, together with other partners, to secure public transportation on Shabbat as a basic right, after the Government stated that it has not found it to be one. Most recently, the Government has reversed their stance on same sex adoption, ending the practice of denying same sex couples the right to adopt. The Government will have to act upon this decision in a timely manor due to IRAC's petition to the Supreme Court on behalf of the Israeli Association of Gay Fathers. For on-going public affairs updates, visit our website and Facebook page. 


Shannah Tova! 


The IMPJ wishes you a Shannah Tova!
See why our leadership, staff and congregants find it so meaningful to spend the High Holidays at our Reform congregations, in an open, progressive, and pluralistic place. 


Watch this wonderful rendition of Kol Nidre composed by IMPJ Chairperson, Reuvan Marko, arranged by Or Oren and performed by Cantor Evan Cohen of Kehillat Har-El in Jerusalem.

Download Kol Nidre Score



We invite you to explore "Open a Gate for Us" - a collection of prayers, readings, and songs by Israeli authors and rabbis, inspired by the liturgy of Yom Kippur.


Take a look at our holiday collection of texts and songs for Rosh Hashannah including Seder Simana Tova - symbols of goodness for the New Year.




DOMIM– aLike - the IMPJ's Israel-Diaspora relations project, established together with the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs - fosters partnerships between Reform and Progressive congregations in Israel and around the world. 

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Diaspora Israel Day
Celebrating Jewish Peoplehood
7th of Cheshvan

The Hebrew calendar is filled, as we all know, with many holidays and festivals. Yet, there is one very meaningful Jewish value which is not manifested, or celebrated in any holiday – the value of Klal Israel.  
We believe that these special bonds between Jewish communities across the globe, which have been persevered against all odds and despite all differences, is a true cause for celebration.
On this coming 7th of Cheshvan – October 27th 2017 – we invite you to celebrate with us Diaspora Israel Day.




Meet Israeli Reform Rabbis:

Rabbi Nir Barkin


My most formative experience was as a community Shaliach to the Jewish community in Milwaukee. This encounter changed my life, and my family’s life, and led to a dramatic change in the fields in which I was involved. Following the experience I went through during those years in the United States, I decided to begin my rabbinical training, which I started upon my return to Israel. 

Rabbi Nir Barkin is the Rabbi of Kehillat YOZMA in Modi'in.









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