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"Rising Streams: Reform and Conservative Judaism in Israel"

‏יום חמישי ‏18 ‏אוקטובר ‏2018

"Rising Streams: Reform and Conservative Judaism in Israel", a new book by Dan Federman, examines a recent study that found an estimated 12-13% of Israeli Jews identify with either Reform or Conservative Judaism.

From Rabbi Gilad Kariv, President & CEO of the IMPJ:

"This new study proves what every Reform Rabbi throughout the country has felt in recent years. The Reform and Masorti communities are increasingly becoming significant factors in Israeli society as a home to hundreds of thousands of families who are interested in both Israeli Judaism without barriers and in a connection with Jewish tradition from an egalitarian and pluralistic perspective. Naturally, Reform Judaism in Israel is growing in unique patterns within Israeli society. The journey ahead is still long, but we have no doubt that in the coming years we will continue to see a significant increase in the number of communities and in the number of Israelis who identify with our values."

"Despite all the political and legal obstacles, we are determined to serve Israeli society, nurture the familiarity of millions of Israelis with Judaism, strengthen the bond between Israel and the Diaspora, and promote gender equality, community life, religious tolerance and social justice. In our opinion, these are the great Zionist tasks of our generation, and at the end of the day we will also succeed in overcoming the barriers of discrimination and incitement we face every day. We believe that if the 19th century was the European century of Reform Judaism, and if the 20th century was the American century of Reform Judaism, then the 21st century will be the Israeli century of Reform Judaism. We have no doubt that this will bring great blessings both to the State of Israel and to Reform Judaism."

Click here for a downloadable PDF copy of the book: http://jppi.org.il/new/en/article/risingstreams/#.W8hyqWgzbIU

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