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A Message of Solidarity With The Pittsburgh Jewish Community

‏יום ראשון ‏28 ‏אוקטובר ‏2018

The Reform Movement in Israel offers our condolences following the devastating attack on the Tree of Life, Dor Hadash, and New Light congregations in Squirrel Hill.  We wish to express our heartfelt solidarity with you, your communities and your congregations.

We are shocked and horrified by this senseless act of violence and the loss of innocent lives, and we are highly concerned by the increasing frequency of anti-Semitic attacks on our sisters and brothers in the US.

As we continue to face violence and hatred at home and around the world, we are strengthened by the knowledge that we stand together in solidarity. We pray for the safety and security of your communities. We grieve with you, with the families of those injured and killed, and with the entire Jewish community of the Greater Pittsburgh Area and North America.

From President & CEO of the IMPJ, Rabbi Gilad Kariv:

"The Reform Movement in Israel, its rabbis and members, express our condolences to the members of the Tree of Life Conservative congregation, the Jewish Community of the Greater Pittsburgh Area, and all our brothers and sisters in North America. We are horrified by the criminal attack on worshipers in the midst of Shabbat prayers. According to all indications, this attack was conducted out of anti-Semitism and out of hatred of the values ​​of openness, equality and Tikkun Olam that characterize the Tree of Life congregation and the vast majority of American Jewry."


"This is a difficult and painful time, but we know that the Jewish communities throughout North America, Reform, Conservative and Orthodox, are strong and determined to continue their spiritual, community and educational work and their commitment to social justice and religious tolerance. Thank you to Rabbis Jacobs, Gibson and Bisno, who were willing to be interviewed at this difficult time for the Israeli media to provide up to date information on the current situation."

(יי' עוז לעמו יתן – יי' יברך את עמו בשלום ! (תהילים כט יא

May his people be blessed with peace! (Psalms 29:11)