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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית

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The IMPJ Stands With Our Brothers and Sisters in Halle, Germany

Date: ‏יום חמישי ‏10 ‏אוקטובר ‏2019

Yesterday, as Jewish people around the world prayed on Yom Kippur to be inscribed in the Book of Life for the coming year, a 27-year-old German national opened fire on a public street in Halle after failing to break into a synagogue as Jews were inside praying. The IMPJ stands with our German brothers and sisters in condemning this horrific attack and mourning the 2 lives lost.

Yom Kippur 5780

Date: ‏יום שני ‏26 ‏אוגוסט ‏2019

We hope that these materials contribute to a meaningful Yom Kippur for you and your loved ones. From your entire family at the IMPJ - we wish you a meaningful Yom Kippur and a shana tovah u'metukah!

Rosh HaShanah 5780

Date: ‏יום שני ‏26 ‏אוגוסט ‏2019

We hope you enjoy these materials for Rosh HaShanah! From your entire family at the IMPJ - we wish you a shana tovah u'metukah!

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