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Iyar 5779 Newsletter

Date: ‏יום רביעי ‏08 ‏מאי ‏2019

Some may think it is odd that the Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut are followed so closely together. How can a day of immense sadness, of grieving over lost loved ones, fallen in the wars Israel has fought since her birth in 1948, be followed so immediately by a day of rejoicing and celebration, the yom huledet of our state? This juxtaposition exemplifies the resilient spirit of the Jewish people. It takes an incredible level of self-awareness to move from a place of devastation to celebration, and there are no people that are more used to having to move swiftly from sadness to joy than the Jewish people.

A Pesach Message from Rabbi Gilad Kariv, President & CEO of the IMPJ

Date: ‏יום חמישי ‏18 ‏אפריל ‏2019

"Just prior to Pesach we began a new initiative to work more closely with French-speaking Olim, and we will be holding public Seders in major cities throughout Israel in Hebrew, English and Russian. These efforts are part of our longstanding commitment to reach out to all sectors of Israeli society." Click to read the rest of Rabbi Gilad Kariv's Pesach message!

Israel and American Jewry – Peoplehood, Religion and Politics: An Academic Summer Program at the University of Haifa

Date: ‏יום שני ‏15 ‏אפריל ‏2019

Israel and North America currently constitute the two leading centers of Jewish demography, identity and existence. Broadly speaking, they represent the two major Jewish responses to modernity – Zionism as a form of modern nationalism on the one hand, and integration into a liberal western society and body politic on the other. Their relations respond to this initial divide, while at the same time trying to coalesce a collective notion of Jewish peoplehood, based on culture, identity and a sense of a shared history and fate. The aim of this course is to learn more about the emergence of these two centers, and then explore the past, present and future of their relations.

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