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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית

Whats New?

Adar 5778 Newsletter

Date: ‏יום שלישי ‏20 ‏פברואר ‏2018

"During this month of Joy, let us help and spread joy to all those who seek refuge. Let us peruse a proper and proportionate plan consistent with Israel’s values as a Jewish and democratic state; with the sensitivity of Jewish tradition to the stranger and the refugee; and in accord with international law."

Shevat 5778 Newsletter

Date: ‏יום רביעי ‏31 ‏ינואר ‏2018

Read our Shevat Newsletter to see what we have been up to this past month! Enjoy interesting texts and articles for Tu b'Shevat, Jewish Disability and Awareness Month and more!

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism to the Government of Israel

Date: ‏יום חמישי ‏25 ‏ינואר ‏2018

“Deportation of asylum seekers goes against the core values of the State of Israel and Jewish tradition” “This action will not relieve the distress of the residents of South Tel Aviv and will bring moral disgrace on Israeli society” Read the full letter here:

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Date Title
‏יום חמישי ‏11 ‏ינואר ‏2018 Boaz Dorot is the winner of the 2018 Ben Steinberg Young Composer’s Award
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‏יום רביעי ‏13 ‏דצמבר ‏2017 Happy Chanukah from the IMPJ
‏יום שני ‏27 ‏נובמבר ‏2017 Remembering Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver
‏יום שלישי ‏21 ‏נובמבר ‏2017 Kislev 5778 Newsletter
‏יום חמישי ‏16 ‏נובמבר ‏2017 Celebrating the Ordination of Our 100th Reform Israeli Rabbi