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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית

Who Are We?

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism in Israel (IMPJ) is Israels liberal Jewish religious movement, and a constituent member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

The IMPJ offers

  • A renewed expression of Judaism and Jewish identity.
  • A progressive belief system integrating traditional and modern values.
  • A Jewish lifestyle and rituals that are conducted in a fully egalitarian manner.
  • The freedom to choose and the ability to question, within the framework of Jewish culture.
  • The pursuit of social justice, and the constant struggle for Tikkun Olam.
  • A new and revitalized commitment to Jewish tradition.
  • The sense of belonging to a community that serves as an extended family as well as a spiritual home/center (I like better) for all ages.
  • The participation in festive and enjoyable ceremonies, study sessions and prayer services.
  • A contemporary experience of Jewish, Zionistic and Israeli lifecycle events.
  • A personal connection to spiritual experiences, and the experience of holiness in Judaism.