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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית



Shalom and welcome to "DOMIM - aLike",

The Israel Movement for Progressive and Reform Judaism in Israel (IMPJ) has established the "Israel-Diaspora" department, which has initiated a revolutionary worldwide partnership project to develop meaningful concrete relationships, and bridge the growing gaps between Israel and the reform and progressive communities in the Diaspora. This project is a joint effort of the Government of Israel and the IMPJ.

"DOMIM – aLike" will create partnerships between 20-30 Israeli Reform congregations and institutions with 80 Reform and Liberal congregations from around the world. These partnerships will focus on activities with serious and engaging content and study to strengthen the bonds between rabbis, executive directors and lay leaders in Israel and their counterparts outside of Israel.
In the next few weeks the specific partnerships will be set and the leadership-to-leadership dialogs will begin.

The “DOMIM - aLike” initiative will directly engage 1,000 reform and progressive leaders around the world over the next three years and through them hundreds of thousands of constituents.

You are invited to join this unique opportunity by connecting your synagogue's spiritual leader with us.

We look forward to working together in this exciting journey,

For further information please contact us at domim@reform.org.il

or at our facebook DOMIM - aLike

Rabbi Nir Barkin & Smadar Bilik – "DOMIM – aLike" Initiative
Israel-Diaspora Relations
The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism

Texts and materials from Domim-aLike

We invite you to take a look at our materials and use them in your Dvar-Torah, Beit-Midrash or in any other engagement program you may have. Some of these materials consists of texts concerning Israel-Diaspora relations; others give an Israeli perspective to Jewish holidays and other events.

Upon request, texts can be sent as Word documents.

Haggada for Diaspora Israel Unity Day – This festive Haggada was especially designed for the new holiday Diaspora Israel Unity Day (7th of Cheshvan), celebrating the inspiring existence of the Jewish people all around the world. In the opening pages of the Haggada you can find a detailed explanation of the concept of the new holiday, and later on different texts, poems, songs, prayers and ideas for activities. Click here to view.

Collection for Times of Pain and Fear Following a painful period of terrorist attacks in the streets of Israel, this collection consists of texts, poems and prayers offering consolation and hope, by both Israeli and Arab writers. Click here to view.

Jerusalem Day: The formal Memorial Day for Ethiopian Jews who perished on their journey to Israel - This collection consists of texts, poems and testimonies, some written by the Olim from Ethiopia who took part in long journey. Click here to view.

Pride Shabbat A suggestions for Shabbat service celebrating LGBTQ pride during the month of June. Click here to view.

Shalom First Grade – A special collection for the first day of the new school year, with blessings for students and teachers. Click here to view.

Rosh Hashanah – A collection of texts and songs for the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, including Seder Simana Tova – eating symbols of goodness for the New Year. Click here to view.

Rosh Hashanah for Pre-SchoolActivities for young children, inspired by the different symbols of the holiday. Click here to view.

Yom Kippur An Israeli interpretation of some of the most central prayers and motifs of Yom Kippur. Click here to view.

YIZKOR for PM Yitzhak Rabin A special Yizkor written by Rabbi Yehoram Mazor, Av Beit HaDin of Maram (Council of Reform and Progressive Rabbis in Israel) shortly after the assassination in 1995. Click here to view