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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית


The Education Department of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism desires to reach the secular public with a pluralistic, egalitarian Judaism and promotes the study of Jewish texts and values as a bridge between tradition and modernity. We understand the Jewish tradition and heritage as being an integral part of our contemporary Jewish- Israeli identity.

The IMPJ Education Department strives to bring students, teachers and parents in Israeli public schools and preschools closer to progressive Judaism by emphasizing the following values:

  • Pluralism in Judaism and in Israeli society - the study and experience of Jewish tradition and culture through an understanding of the legitimacy of the diversity built into our heritage.
  • Gender equality in Judaism empowering women through the study of Jewish texts that spoke out throughout Jewish history for women raising their voices and through adapting the old traditions to the modern world.
  • Making Judaism accessible to the secular public by providing them with knowledge and experience we hope they will be able to develop a positive Jewish identity from a position of comprehension and experience.

Our educational activities are oriented as Inreach - towards the IMPJ congregations e.g. developing early childhood education programs in our preschools and strengthening our Jerusalem educational system; and Outreach, the IMPJ Education Department offers teachers, students and parents pluralistic Jewish knowledge and experience within the Israeli public school system.

The IMPJ Education Department carries out a variety of activities including teacher trainings, learning staff rooms, ceremonies, educational programs about the Jewish year and life cycle events. We have educational materials about a variety of subjects including Kabalat Torah, A Childrens Sidur, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, A Jewish Way of Life in the Preschool, Seek Peace and Pursue it.

The IMPJ Education Department cooperates with the HUC, The Lokey Center for Jewish Studies and Keren Tali in training teachers and writing educational materials.

Dr. Oded Avisar is director of the education department and can be contacted at oded@reform.org.il .