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מסורת של התחדשות יהודית

Jewish Enrichment Programs in the Schools

The Education Department develops and implements Jewish enrichment programs in over 100 public schools across Israel and conducts ceremonies in scores more.

We lead teacher training programs for principals and teachers in schools and preschools that offer critical and experiential study of Jewish texts. We believe that students, teachers and parents can be brought closer to Torah study, life cycle ceremonies and the synagogue through a feeling of belonging and interest.

The programs are suitable for different ages, are modular and can be adapted to the needs and curriculum of each school. The Education Department aims to empower the educational staff to learn, experience and then teach the programs themselves. The Education Department offers the school staff professional guidance, teaching materials and educational programs.

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Class Bat Mitzvah Program

Gender equality is a corner stone of the IMPJ. In line with this goal we have developed a meaningful Class Bat Mitzvah Program that empowers young girls and strengthens their Jewish identity by means of a class Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Our Class Bat Mitzvah Program emphasizes equality, life transitions, and connection to Judaism and the community.

During the 2006-7 school year 72 classes have taken part in this unique project.

School and Shul: This program develops ties between public schools and IMPJ congregations. IMPJ rabbis meet with pupils in schools and in the congregation, marking events based on the Jewish calendar, as well as Kabbalat Torah and Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. This program introduces the participants to a form of Judaism that, for almost all of them, was previously unknown. The program emphasizes that Judaism is not just about ritual, but also about morality and faith.

Jerusalem Education Forum: In Jerusalem we have a multi-campus Reform educational system from early childhood through high school. Rabbis from the Jerusalem congregations, synagogue leaders, school and preschool principals and parents meet as the Jerusalem Educational Forum. The purpose of the Forum is to strengthen Jewish pluralistic values in our educational system and to spread the ideas of pluralistic Judaism in schools and preschools throughout the city.

Seek Peace and Pursue It: A teacher training program that grows out of the need in Israeli society to learn to find peaceful ways to resolve conflict. It combines learning Jewish texts from a rich culture of discourse and disagreement to create a model of conflict resolution based on Jewish values. The Project is multi-disciplinary and includes Jewish learning, mediation, training, psychology and social initiative. It connects learning with social action in order to preserve the culture of disagreement as an inherent part of a pluralistic society and, at the same time, to train the school community to act to bring peaceful solutions to conflict.

The Education Department works within three channels:

  1. In depth work with schools where programs in the spirit of the IMPJ are part of the core curriculum of the school.
  2. Schools where our programs are implemented and they maintain a relationship with the local IMPJ congregation.
  3. Schools that request our involvement with specific Jewish events and projects, providing them with programs targeted to specific holidays and/or any other Jewish issue.

Schools where Progressive Judaism is Part of the Core Curriculum

Jerusalem Educational System

In Jerusalem we have a many-campus IMPJ educational system from early childhood through high school. The complex begins with two year olds and continues to the end of high school. It includes Harel and Kol Haneshama nursery schools, Ganei Haim kindergartens, Tali Bayit Vegan elementary school and Tali Beit Hinuch junior and senior high school. We aim to create educational continuity between the various institutions and between them and the congregations in Jerusalem and the IMPJ in the spirit of pluralism and equality.

Tali Bayit Vegan is an elementary school in the Bayit Vegan neighborhood in Jerusalem. (Part of the Tali network - Tali means augmented Jewish studies). It has been identified with the IMPJ since its founding over 15 years ago. Many of its pupils are graduates of Ganei Haim kindergartens. The school emphasizes pluralistic egalitarian Jewish studies and prayer, the weekly Torah portion, Rosh Hodesh and other Jewish ceremonies such as Bat Mitvah.
Address: 28 Yoseph Hachami P.O.Box 16225 Jerusalem 91161
Principal Leah Sarni Telephone: 02-620787

Tali Beit Hinuch is a junior and senior high school from the seventh to the twelfth grade in the Talbiah neighborhood. It became a Tali School a few years ago. There is widespread Jewish enrichment in the school, students learn the weekly Torah portion, Bar Mitzvah studies, and have Rosh Hodesh ceremonies. Students have the option to do Matriculation exams in Bible and Jewish Thought. The school supports students of all levels of study with enrichment for the students who excel and extra support in a special study center for students who need extra help. The school has an excellent arts program which is taught in connection to Jewish values and themes.
Address: 13 Kaf Tet November, P.O. Box 240 Jerusalem, 91041
Principal: Nurit Eldar Telephone: 02-5617711

Modiin Yozma Congregations Growing School and Enrichment Center -
The Enrichment center is three years old. It runs from 12:45 until 17:00. After lunch the children have a varied enrichment program including Progressive Judaism, social justice, ecology, ecological gardening and art. The activities use songs and games in individual and group settings.

In September 2006 a first grade class was opened with the goal of growing an elementary school as a continuation of the congregations preschools. The pupils have an augmented Jewish curriculum including prayers, holiday celebrations and Rosh Hodesh ceremonies. The school runs in cooperation with Yozma congregation, Keren Tali, and the IMPJ Education Department.

Telephone: 08-9753461

Ussishkin School Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Beit Daniel and the IMPJ have a three year ongoing connection with the Ussishkin School. The program grew out of a desire to create a Progressive Jewish framework as a continuation of the congregations preschools classes. Ussishkin is a unique elementary school which includes children with special needs. The pluralistic Jewish program includes 4 weekly hours of Jewish studies. The program is different in each grade and includes Jewish music, Kabbalat Shabbat, the weekly Torah portion and the Class Bat Mitzvah project in the sixth grade.

IMPJ rabbis take part in teaching the Jewish programs. The Educational Department of the Tel Aviv- Jaffa municipality and the Israel Ministry of Education fully support the schools decision to cooperate with Beit Daniel and the IMPJ in this process.

Leo Baeck Education Center Haifa

Leo Baeck was established in 1938, originally as a preschool for German Jews in Haifa. Since then it has become one of the largest IMPJ educational institutions in Israel. The campus includes a junior and senior high school and 7 preschool classes. In addition it includes a community center, Ohel Avraham congregation, a sports center and the Lokey Center for Jewish Studies.

Address: Derech Tzarfat 90, French Carmel, P.O. Box 6283 Haifa 31062

Telephone: 04-8331080 www.leo-beck.com